Sum 41 Singer Derek Whibley Seriously Ill In Hospital

May 19, 2014


Sum 41 frontman Derek Whibley announced to fans via the band’s Facebook page this weekend that he is being treated in hospital after years of alcohol abuse “finally caught up” with him. The article, titled ‘Rock Bottom’ was paired with shocking images showing the extent to which the once healthy rock star had declined, lying […]

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Rob Zombie Teases New Horror Project ‘31’

May 16, 2014


Shock rock mega star Rob Zombie has had mixed success with his endeavours into the movie world and despite vowing he was done with films all together it seems there is a new horror project on its way simply titled ‘31’. When Zombie made his cinematic debut with House of 1000 Corpses and then gritty […]

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Global Force Wrestling: 10 Things Jeff Jarrett Needs To Get Right

May 6, 2014


On 7th April, 2014 Jeff Jarrett announced to the world that he had founded a new wrestling promotion. The name of Jarrett’s new group? Global Force Wrestling – because anything would be better than TNA. Despite still being an active investor in Impact Wrestling, Jarrett made the announcement that by years end his upstart brand […]

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Sport’s 10 Biggest Crimes Against Facial Hair

April 14, 2014


With November here again it’s officially time to celebrate Movember – a month in which guys are expected to grow at the very least a moustache in support of male cancer charities and raising awareness to the very real dangers of testicular and prostate cancer. As fantastic as an event as it is there is […]

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The End

April 7, 2013


Hello people of Ecuador, This blog is now closed due to the writers lack of interest and talent. Thank you (all 3 of you) for your (lack of) support. maasp ***EDIT*** Like all good zombies the blog has been resurrected.

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The Problem With Going Legit …

August 20, 2012


I’ve been trying to get back into writing my personal blog for ages now but I’m finding it really difficult. You see for the majority of the year I’ve been writing for a few more websites than I’m used to and thus have become accustomed to writing in a certain way and this has meant […]

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Review: ‘Hitman’ by Bret Hart (2009)

May 13, 2012


Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart.  He’s the best there is.  The best there was.  The best there ever will be.  That’s a questionable claim these days but he sure was one of the all time greats, and the story of his last few years in the business will always be remembered.  So it was with great anticipation […]

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